new app icon for mindset

Today we’re launching a new logo and we’re excited to share it with you. We liked our old logo and we know a lot of people did too, but it was time for a change. I designed the logo last year, to look like the cliche ‘hypnosis pocketwatch’. Yet, after speaking with many of you, we’ve noticed that most people don’t see it that way — they see time, patience, bomb, or flask — but not hypnosis.

Fast forward a year and we’ve slowly started to realise that the logo just doesn’t do a very good job at conveying what Mindset is and what it represents. Mindset’s mission is to help people harness the power of their minds to improve their health and performance — without pills. We want our logo to represent that.

The new logo is made up of combining a brain + heartbeat + M, and we believe it better represents Mindset and will help us accomplish our mission. We’re still Mindset. We’re still our unique amaranth colour. But now our app icon and logo matches how we feel. On the inside.

TL;DR: We changed the logo.