Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy: The New Gold Standard for IBS treatment

How was IBS treated in the past?

There are many different ways IBS has been treated in the past, with elimination diets and various medication being the most widely adopted. However, both can be problematic: medication treatments have shown poor effectiveness at reducing symptoms (with side-effects) and elimination diets can be difficult to follow and have negative lifestyle effects. Many IBS sufferers have therefore resorted to a plethora of alternatives – such as peppermint oil – to alleviate their symptoms, but often to no avail. Finding themselves on a merry-go-round of ineffective treatments, searching for something that works.


A New way of treating IBS

Researchers at Monash University recently turned to hypnotherapy treatment as an exciting alternative. They found that by making suggestions to the subconscious mind, the symptoms of IBS could be overcome and food digested without symptoms. In the Monash study, this ‘gut-directed hypnotherapy’ was compared against the ‘gold standard’ Low-FODMAP diet and the results were astonishing: gut-directed hypnotherapy performed just as well as the diet. Both treatment arms reduced bloating, constipation, abdominal pain by around 70% and gut-directed hypnotherapy was proven as a highly effective IBS treatment.


Why Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy is now one of the best treatments for IBS

Gut-directed hypnotherapy is a godsend for the millions of sufferers of IBS. Finally, there is a way to reduce the maddening symptoms of IBS – the constipation, the diarrhea, the abdominal pain – whilst maintaining the diet of their choosing. No longer were they confronted with the infuriating choice between sacrificing their favourite foods or suffering pain. There was a scientifically proven and easy IBS treatment requiring no medication or change in diet.


How can I access Gut-directed hypnotherapy?

Gut-directed hypnotherapy is growing rapidly in popularity because of its effectiveness, safety and convenience, and many of the largest clinical centres including Manchester have a 6-12 month waiting period. Fortunately, many of the top hypnotherapists are using technology to broadcast premier gut-directed hypnotherapy audio recordings to IBS sufferers directly through iPhone applications such as Mindset.


Can my iPhone treat my IBS?

Gut-directed hypnotherapy sessions are audio in nature (the therapist will speak to you in person) and so delivering the same sessions through an app is really simple and effective. These apps are accessible across the world, allowing benefits of gut-directed hypnotherapy to be accessible for people who can't wait for or afford in-person treatment. 



The old thinking of dietary change to cure IBS is beginning to wane. Sufferers are realising that diet alone is not the answer. Gut-directed hypnotherapy using iPhone apps such as Nerva offers a way to end the nightmare of IBS without the dietary sacrifice.

Understanding the Gut-Brain Connection:

As most IBS sufferer know, the symptoms of this disorder are crippling and experienced physically as bloating, constipation, abdominal pain – they are not simply ‘in the head’ of the patient. However, IBS sufferers also recognise a correlation between stress and other mental pressure and ‘flare-ups’ of IBS –periods of exacerbated symptoms. This connection is explained by the gut-brain connection,the finding that mental processes can physically affect the gut, and can be targeted to treat IBS.

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