Hypnotherapy for anxiety, depression & negative thinking.

If you wish things could be better, Mindset can help. Try the app for free and see how it can help change your mindset today.

Change your mindset. Change your life.

Your mindset affects the way you behave, your outlook on life, and your attitude towards everything going on around you. With Mindset, you can retrain your automatic thoughts and learn helpful life skills to feel more positive & in control every day.
Prioritize you
with daily hypnosis sessions on everything from depression to sleep and anxiety to procrastination.
Take control
of your your thoughts, feelings and actions to become the best version of yourself.
Sleep easy
with sleep sessions designed to quiet your mind before bed.
Science backed
Hypnosis has been shown to be highly effective at improving mental health and changing behavior.

Gain control over your mind, behaviour & emotions.

Designed by clinical experts, Mindset uses proven hypnotherapy techniques to help you build life skills, take control of automatic thoughts and change your mindset.

Remote care,
personal touch.

  • Complete access to over 50+ hypnotherapy sessions on areas like positive thinking, depression, anxiety, procrastination & more.
  • Insightful articles, strategies and resources for every situation.
  • Get help & support when you need it, wherever you are without uncomfortable conversations.
  • Fall asleep faster with a calm mind, sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed with sleep sessions.
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People love Mindset.

Verified buyer

August 31, 2019

Merlin M.

Powerful stuff!
Absolutely brilliant app, and it just works! If you want to become the best version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be, then let this app help you. It really works.

Verified buyer

October 10, 2019

Louise S.

Much gratitude for this app and what I’ve achieved
After a tumultuous period in my life, I found myself lacking motivation and the ability to even get minor tasks done, especially those that were in my best interest. I specifically downloaded the app to address procrastination. I’ve listened to 4 of the 6 sessions, and I am astounded at the improvements I have experienced. I had a challenging report to prepare that I had put off for much longer than I’m prepared to admit. This morning it was finalised and emailed and I’m so proud of this achievement. A huge weight has been lifted and I credit this app. Even writing this review, is again credit to being able to prioritise tasks and make the right decision, that are simply just right for now. I hope my review reaches the right people, those who are willing to benefit from compassionate messages that support your existing capacity to reach your goals. My sincere thanks, and my best app investment by far.

Verified buyer

July 11, 2019

Chris B.

It’s magic. Get it now!! Gonna change your life ! Set aside time
Honestly, it works like magic on depression, anxiety or overall negative thinking. worth every cent in my opinion it’s like having your own personal brain coach. Looking for true self help? Self discovery? Explore the depths of your personalities and minds. Align your mindset. High vibrations. Sending love and good vibes to you for reading this far.

Verified buyer

July 22, 2019

Raine B.

The most helpful app I’ve ever downloaded
I can’t express enough how much this app has changed my life!
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